About Us

In the late 1960’s, some of the most iconic musicians and bands in American music inhabited the rustic Los Angeles neighborhood of Laurel Canyon creating what is now the harmonious, singer-songwriter Southern California sound that has inspired every generation of popular artists since. Inspired by the locals, Laurel Canyon guitars are proudly built to be strummed, banged, picked, plucked and played hard, whether on-stage or in any garage where musical hopes and dreams shake the doors on a regular basis.

Every guitar we make is designed to stay true to the folk rock tradition of Laurel Canyon, and to play true with a rich, warm tone, expertly crafted from straight-grained hardwoods. Select mahogany and rosewood are used for the bodies and the finest “tonewood” spruce, for the tops. The simplicity of the genre, the generation and life in 1960’s Laurel Canyon is reflected in each of our guitars, clearly designed with a singular focus on the essential features that produce a great sound and feel.

We passionately build Laurel Canyon dreadnought, auditorium, and classical guitars primarily for the guitarist just like you. We understand the learning process and our guitars reflect that in their playability, projection and resonance. We’ve built a guitar just for you.

Making music is a unique thrill that some never know. That’s not you. That’s why you’re visiting the Laurel Canyon website. Look around and get some ideas. Read up on each of our guitars and then visit your local music retailer to put your hands on them. Really get a feel for which one fits and inspires you. Maybe you’ll fall in love with one of our guitars the way you fell for that favorite guitar riff that inspires you. Just think. You’ll be playing that song in no time.

This is just the beginning of your musical adventure. Welcome.

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